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Data on the author

Nino Dzyapsh-ipa was born in Sukhumy and graduated from the graphic design faculty of the Moscow State Printing University specialty graphic Artist. In 2008, studied art history at the Sorbonne in Paris. She participated such exhibitions as follows:  

2013: Abkhazia. Sukhum. Atrium Victoria "Personal exhibition" 16.08.2013

2013: Moscow Black Bog Galery Personal exhibition "Multilayer plane" 31.3.13.

2012: State Museum center named after N. And. Ostrovsky "Summer in Normandy"

2012: Greece, Athens. "Color & Light"

2009: Union of Painters of Russia, exhibition hall "Youth-XXIX"

2008: exhibition hall "Khodynka", demonstration on subject "On the ways of Normandy "

2007: "The Orthodox Russia ", Shopping Arcade (Gostiny Dvor). Presentation of the album "The orthodox temples of Abkhazia"

2000: Office of Director of the exhibitions and auctions of the Russian Fund of Culture, "The naked tree"

2002: The Moscow State Printing University "Fire-proof propaganda"

1999: State museum of V. Mayakovsky , "Mayakovsky to be continued"

1998: State museum of V. Mayakovsky , "Good! The poem of the October"

In 2006 Nino Dzyapsh-ipa prepared and issued for publication purposes its photo album “The orthodox temples of Abkhazia” with her author's photos. The entire royalty upon this project should be granted by the author to the fund of restoration of the Abkhazian orthodox temples.

At first this book was presented to the Moscow readers in May, 2006 at the All-Russian exhibition “The Orthodox Russia”. The author has been decorated with the order and star of the St Ann (1 st degree) by the Great Fraternal Society of Cossack Forces of Russia and abroad for the works as above and charitable activities

Afterwards she has been awarded an order of Lomonosov by the committee of public decorations of the Russian Federation for her merits and great personal contribution into the development and strengthening of the Russian state. The author has been bestowed with the title “The patriot of nation” by the association of military service veterans for legitimacy and law enforcement.

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