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Temple of Kamany

To the north of Sukhum in vicinity of the Kamany village on a small upland there is the temple of St. John Chrysostom of the Middle Ages.

The oldest part of this monument presents a stone building with one hall without apse projected outside and with its inner semicircular altar. The vault relied on two arches has been supported by abutments projected from the walls. These premises have been illuminated through two narrow windows of altar and west wall. The meadow around the temple had been encircled by the stone wall in ancient times yet.

This ancient temple refers to the eleventh century. In the 19 th century it was restored and attached with some auxiliary structures such as two aisles from the north and south sides and three-levels' bell tower under a tall tented roof from the west side.

In 1884 Kamany was visited G. Vrizis, the famous Greek archeologist who confirmed the ecclesiastic version of that the hallows of St. John Chrysostom, the Christian righteous one, had been buried in the stone sarcophagus in the church of the Kamany village.

As per his report in one European library he has found an oldest parchment paper indicated the Kamany whereas St. John Chrysostom died on the way to Pithyus (Pitsunda).

In the Kamany temple on September 14, 404 A.D. St. John Chrysostom, the bishop, died upon its exile from Constantinople on the way to Pithyus as per decree of Arkady, the emperor.

In 437 the relics of St. John Chrysostom according to the order of the new emperor Theodosius II were replaced from Kamany via Pithyus to Constantinople . The sarcophagus with some relics' particles of St. John Chrysostom is available at the temple of Kamany to the present time.

Close to the temple the healing karst spring bubbles up and gives its water to be deemed a holy one by worshippers who admit that it cures against any diseases.

During two recent centuries the Kamany temple is one of the major existing pilgrimage centers of the Orthodox Christians.

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