Православные храмы Абхазии Православные храмы Абхазии

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Гагрский храм Пицундский собор Лыхненский храм Каманский храм Михайловский храм Новый Афон Сухумский собор Драндский собор Моквский собор Бедийский собор Илорский храм

About the book

The album «The orthodox temples of Abkhazia» was issued in Moscow in 2006 by the « РМ » Publishers (circulation of 2,000 copies) under blessing of Vissarion (Applia), The Holy Priest of the Sukhumy Abkhazian Diocese and financial support of Sergey Bagapsh, President of the Republic of Abkhazia .

The author has devoted its work in memory of its ancestors Miron Dzyapshipa and Vera Tsanava. This book depicts a cultural heritage of the Abkhazian orthodox temples. On 212 pages of the album twelve temples are presented in respective color high quality photos along with various compositions, appearances, inner decorations, bas-reliefs, church icons, mural paintings and holy relics. The author has found relevant artistic solution and performed a complete publishing dummy and layout setting as well.

The album includes such ancient temples in such places as Pitsunda, Lykhny, New Athos (Anakopiysky), Kamany, Gagra, Ilory, Mokva, Bedya and Dranda.

The works of 22 ecclesiastical historical and secular authors have been utilized for the text materials.

As per the author's will the entire royalty upon this issue should be granted to the fund of restoration of the Abkhazian orthodox temples.

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