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Cathedral of Sukhumy

The Sukhumy Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Annunciation was constructed in 1915 at cost of the Sukhum Greek community and served the Greek temple until 40's of the twentieth century.

After the second world war it became the cathedral of the Sukhumy Abkhazian Diocese. As per its architecture it refers to a type of Greek cross, three naves' temples having its Byzantine cupola available. In the eighties of the 20 th century under Metropolitan David some repair and construction works were performed and several side additional structures occurred so that to transform this parish temple into the cathedral respectively.

At present it is the general cathedral of the Sukhumy Abkhazian Diocese where all Abkhazian clergymen were laid hands on and residence of the Abkhazian metropolitans as well. The service should be rendered here in such four languages as follows: Abkhazian, Georgian, Greek and Church Slavonic.

The cathedral has its side chapel of St. Nicholas with the icon of Panteleymon The Healer remained along with its relics up to date. Previously here the tomb of St. John Chrysostom was available prior to its removal in 1990 to the Kamany village as the site of its death and to the temple of his name which is the Christendom sacred venue.

The cathedral demonstrates the icons with images of such orthodox holy men as St. Nicholas, St. Simon, St. Andrew, St. John Chrysostom, St. Vasilisk as well as the replica of the icon of the Iberia Holy Virgin.

At the present time the parochial school operates under the bishopric.

Since 1993 up to this day the cathedral has been leading by the father superior and head of the Diocese Council, Sukhumy Abkhazian Diocese, the Holy Priest Vissarion (Apllia).

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